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Best Business VoIP Providers of 2017

When you’re shopping for the best business VoIP providers of 2017, you’ll find a lot of benefits they can offer over traditional landlines that the old phone companies simply can’t provide. We live in a digital world, and the last thing you want for your business is to be tied down by an old, aging analog system that can’t keep up with the needs of the modern employee, manager, or CEO.

How to Choose Which Music Subscription Service is Right for You

It seems like over the past year, streaming services have become a dime a dozen, with big names like Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, and Tim Cook all trying their hand at dethroning the current king of “all-you-can-eat” music mayhem, Spotify. With so many sub-par streamers flooding the market, how can you know which will get you the best bang (and bandwidth) for your buck?

How to Teach Yourself Programming on the Cheap

Want to teach yourself how to code, but don’t have a lot of extra scratch laying around to learn how to do it? Nowadays, there are tons of resources available on the Internet that you can use to get yourself up to speed on all of the most advanced coding languages, often without having to drop a dime for the privilege.

How to Use Trello to Make Managing Projects a Breeze

Trello can be a great way to manage projects, communicate with your team, organize ideas, and serve as a sort of “Internet whiteboard” where people can brainstorm together and collaborate in a shared space.

After you’ve created a board, you can begin adding the members of the project that will make up the team. To do this click the “Show Menu” tab on the right hand side, seen here.