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How Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Work?

They’ve been hailed by ear doctors around the globe as the perfect solution to people’s listening problems, but how do noise cancelling headphones work? Are they really as safe as we’ve been told?

Sure, outside noise can often cause us to crank our source volume up past safe volumes in order to hear our music, but there’s also growing concern that noise cancelling headphones may work just a little too well.  So well that people are walking into traffic or being knocked down by bicyclists due to not being able to hear what’s around them.

Earin Review: Wireless Earbuds Done Right…Almost

Ever since the movie Her came out in 2013, tech geeks everywhere have been dreaming of the small, discrete earbuds that the main character uses to communicate with his AI assistant. And while the era of AI helping us schedule our meetings or lulling us to sleep with a bedtime story may still be a few decades away, thanks to products like the Earin, the moment of truly wire-free is finally upon us.