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Acer Chromebook R13 Review

Convertible Chromebooks are nothing new, with year-old models like the ASUS Flip C100P leading the market on devices that can double as a laptop and tablet at the same time. Now, however, the Acer Chromebook R 13 is here to change the perception that these devices are more than a one trick pony, thanks in due part to the addition of full Google Play Store/Android app compatibility.

ASUS Flip C100P Chromebook Review

The ASUS Flip C100P Chromebook is an expertly designed, first-of-its-kind convertible that takes everything we love about tablets and laptops, and crams them together into a single flexible device. Convertibles have been a part of the Windows family of PCs for years now, but have only recently started making their way into the legion of Chromebooks that were introduced over the past year or so.

Samsung Chromebook 2 Review

If you’re in the market for a new Chromebook and value portability over all else, it’s hard to go wrong with the 11.6″ Samsung Chromebook 2. Featuring an ultra-light profile and super slim case, this is the laptop for kids or adults who don’t feel like lugging around a whole system with them every time they leave their desk for a quick break down at the local cafe.

How to Turn Your Old Laptop into a Chromebook

Although it’s been a slow, arduous process getting there, these days Chrome OS is looking like a better alternative to Windows, OSX, and Linux for a growing number of users from around the globe. But what do you do if you want all the benefits of Google’s operating system without the hassle of buying a whole new laptop to get it?

In normal conditions, Chrome OS is only available on Google-approved laptops sold by the likes of Toshiba, ASUS, and Dell.  Many of which can be found on our list of best Chromebooks for 2016. Now however, the independent developer Neverware has made Chrome OS available to the masses thanks to their software called CloudReady.

Dell Chromebook 13 Review

The Dell Chromebook 13 is unlike any Chromebook we’ve seen before, with business professional stylings and a set of specs that put it in the top tier of performance when it comes to Chrome OS.

But will the high price and heavy weight be too much for the average Chromebook customer to bear? Read on in my Dell Chromebook 13 review to find out and learn why this is a best Chromebook in 2017.

Best Chromebook Apps

Just got your very first Chromebook, but aren’t sure where the best Chromebook apps can be found? Fear not, because our guide on what’s hot in the world of Chrome OS will help you sort through the noise and find what’s right for you and everything you like to do online (or off).

Sure they may not be “apps” in the classical sense, but does that mean you should enjoy them any less? Here’s our picks for the best Chromebook apps in 2017 for what else, the best Chromebooks of 2017.

Best Chromebook Cases for 2016

We’ve talked about how much we love how durable Chromebooks can be, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still keep an eye out for the best Chromebook cases for 2016. Some are tough as nails, others stylish as silk, but all of them are good enough to get on our list because they make your Google laptop look good, last longer, and go anywhere you do without having to worry about the weather along the way.

Here’s our picks for the best Chromebook cases of 2016 for the best Chromebooks.

Best Chromebook of 2017

When we talk about the best Chromebook of 2017, it’s hard to deny the facts of their case: they don’t let you install third-party programs, they don’t have a ton of extra features, and they always have to have an internet connection to work properly…but for only $249 out the door, do we really have room to complain?

The best Chromebooks out there are like a solid hammer – they do one job, but they do it incredibly well. No muss, no fuss, and online in seconds, every time you log into a Chromebook you know exactly what you’re going to get with no extra frills on the side as a distraction. They don’t get viruses, they don’t get bogged down by bloatware, but they do get the job done, and we couldn’t see ourselves reasonably asking for anything more.

How to Customize Your Chromebook’s Keyboard and Touchpad

Chromebooks are known for their simplicity and unique design, but the keyboard and trackpad can take some getting used to for new users. Chromebooks don’t have the same layouts you’d find on a regular Windows or OS X laptop, with several different buttons that are exclusive to Google’s operating system.

This guide will teach you how to customize a Chromebook’s keyboard and touchpad to get the most out of your daily web browsing, and make the whole experience feel a bit more familiar.

Toshiba Chromebook 2 Review

Toshiba’s Chromebook 2 has quickly become the gold standard in a deluge of sub-par entries into the Chromebook market, but does the latest model in its lineup live up to the lofty legacy left by its predecessor? Read on in our Toshiba Chromebook review (2017) to find out.

How to Manage Multiple User Accounts on a Single Chromebook

Chromebooks are cheap, moderately powerful, user-friendly laptops that have become wildly popular with consumers who want a second machine they can take on the road, but don’t feel like dropping a wad of extra cash for the privilege. In case you have one machine that belongs to an entire household or multiple coworkers at the office, here’s how you can create and manage multiple user accounts on the same device.

How to Customize Appearance Settings on a Chromebook

Chromebooks and Chrome OS have a full library of fun, funky themes that you can use to spice up your browsing experience. Not only that, but with features like “Surprise Me”, your background wallpaper will continuously rotate through the Google Image archive to give you a fresh image to look at each and every day.

How to Take a Screenshot on Your Chromebook

Chromebooks are designed to be pretty simple machines, but did you know they come with a range of features you wouldn’t expect? Taking a screenshot of anything on your desktop is a breeze with these quick shortcuts, and you can even single out a small section just in case you want to cut down on cropping time in the photo editor of your choosing.

How to Edit Photos on a Chromebook

Chromebooks are great for a lot of things, but as any owners of one will tell you, there’s a few tasks they could handle a bit better. Tasks like word processing, web browsing, and video-chatting are fine, but as soon as you take a step outside the realm of the Internet, the Chromebook struggles to keep pace with the rest of the portable pariarchy.