Chris Stobing is a multi-disciplined technology writer from Portland, Oregon. He specializes in in-depth, heavily researched how-to tutorials, long-form feature articles, and hands-on hardware reviews. 


A Brief History

In my eight years of professional writing, I have worked in nearly every niche imaginable, though due to my Silicon Valley upbringing, tech was always the one that stuck.

I've worked for some of the biggest websites in the tech space, including Digital Trends and How-To Geek, while also contributing both as an editor and writer for the hardware destination Gadget Review, and the internet security company

Currently Iā€™m writing product reviews, roundups, previews, hands-on, and news at PCMag in New York City. Please direct any requests to

I bring a level of professionalism to all my projects that is unmatched in the industry, and will always give any website I work for the attention to detail it needs to shine at its brightest.