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How 4K Cameras Compare to 4K Video from Your Smartphone

With the addition of 4K video recording on smartphones like the iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S6 this year, many consumers have been left wondering what all the fuss is about. What makes a 4K video so much better than 1080p, and how is the camera on the back of an iPhone any different from a 4K camcorder from Sony or Nikon?

As 4K televisions start to make their way off the show floor of CES and into our living rooms, here’s everything you’ll need to know to be sure your next home video looks and acts the part.

How to Prevent T-Mobile From Throttling Streaming Video

For a company that just announced a year-on-year increase of 8 million new customers, “cool uncle T-Mobile” is starting to look a little less perfect. After lots of controversy and confusion, T-Mobile has finally confirmed that they are throttling bandwidth for video streaming services for users of their Binge On program.

How to Use the Reminders Feature in Google Calendar

We all love our calendars. They help us stay organized, plan for important upcoming events, and coordinate with friends and family on the best time to meet up for that next barbecue in the park. But did you know that Google’s Calendar now features a new, unique Reminder system that you can use to be sure that nothing slips through the cracks unnoticed?

Why Do We Still Use Analog Audio Ports?

When leaks about what the chassis of the iPhone 7 might look like hit headlines earlier this week, technology columnists and industry analysts jumped on the chance to report that Apple’s next device may finally ditch its 3.5mm audio port altogether. Instead of clinging to the nearly-ancient technology, the next iPhone could begin paving the road to a world where we’re finally past the point of relying on cords to listen to our audiobooks, podcasts, or playlists altogether.

How to Use a Cellphone Without Any Service

These days, it seems like pretty much everyone you know has got a mobile phone tucked away somewhere on their person. This also means that everyone is paying massive telecom companies a monthly premium for the chance to use it… but what if you could own a phone complete with all the same features, but no activated plan? As long as you’re near a local Wi-Fi connection, iPhones and Androids can perform all the same tricks as they usually do, except at a fraction of the cost of what your monthly bill comes out to.

The iPhone 6s is Almost Here: Time to Lease, or Buy?

Set to release on September 25th, the reveal of Apple’s hotly anticipated iPhone 6s and 6s Plus mobile phones has given rise to a whole new mess of confusing, often confounding leasing plans, contracts, and pay-to-own schemes. All the different prices, plans, and carriers supporting the 6s are enough to make our heads spin, so we decided to cut through the noise to find out once and for all who’s got the cheapest plan, and whether it’s better to lease or own.

How to Get the Best Possible Price for Airfare Online

As more and more travel agents are forced to hang fresh ‘For Lease’ signs in their windows, the Internet has taken up the mantle of helping aspirational aeronautic enthusiasts shop, compare, and purchase tickets for their next airborne adventure. But with so many different travel and hotel sites claiming to offer the best deals on airfare, how can you know which offers the best combination of discounts and ease of use?

How to Use Google Drive Offline on a Desktop or Mobile Device

If there’s any drawback to using cloud-based services for all your productivity and organization needs, it’s that if you can’t get an Internet connection, you’re basically out of luck.

Thankfully, however, the engineers at Google have thought of a way around this problem and created a setting which will enable you to use their Drive apps and management tools 100 percent offline.

How to Send an Address From Your Desktop to Your Phone in Google Maps

This week, Google rolled out a new global feature for its desktop maps app that allows users to automatically send addresses to their phone with the click of a single link. This setting should help to reduce the amount of time you end up scrambling between devices on your way out the door and streamline the process of importing directions without adding any extraneous glut that might slow you down when you’re already late for that dentist’s appointment.

How to Reconfigure Your Sleep Cycles Using Your Smartphone or Smartwatch

Here’s something you probably didn’t know you were doing wrong: getting a good night’s sleep.

According to a poll conducted earlier this year, more than 75 percent of Americans don’t get as much sleep as they should, meaning more of us than ever before are spending our days tired, spaced out, and not nearly as productive as we could be due to lost hours that should have been spent slumbering in the sack.

How to Charge Your Smartphone Without Access to Electricity

By this point, the act of plugging your phone in for a charge at night is about as mundane as brushing your teeth or showering… but what would you do if nothing came out the other side of the outlet?

Our phones are only as good as the batteries they have installed in the back, so learning how to keep them alive and kicking without a reliable source of power is imperative for anyone in an emergency situation or otherwise.

How to Stream Video to the Internet from your Phone or Tablet

Though you might not know it yet, there’s a livestreaming revolution brewing just around the corner. As social media juggernauts like Twitter look past pre-recorded video and into the world of “live as it happens” streams, the apps that make it possible for users to instantly get moving images off their phones and into the ether are starting to flood in.